Put A Wall To Work

Take a look around your office space and surrounding areas. There is probably many places along walls which could be used to accommodate documents or other paperwork including such items as literature, forms, phamplets, periodicals, orders, reference and other materials. Many wall areas are between interacting personnel and departments and are ideally suited to locate materials of common interest.
One company used a corridor formally only a passageway, to communicate daily orders to the warehouse by placing the orders in pockets of wall mounted organizers located in two rows along the corridor wall. A total of sixteen organizers, each with nine pockets resulted in a total of 144 pockets available for use. Each pocket contained multiple orders all sequenced and prioritized. This previously unused wall became a focal point for efficient order processing and an important communications link between interfacing departments. This is just one creative way to put a wall to work.
Another office placed wall pockets adjacent to each workstation on the partition to be used for in and out mail boxes in an open plan office of multiple floors with each floor containing 250 individual workstations.

There are all types of slim profile organizers and wall pockets that take up less than three inches of depth and are readily suited for wall mounting. Choose types which are sturdy and attractive. Avoid flimsy units which may easily crack with repeated use. Pocket size selection should insure items held be sized to avoid flapping or curl over at top of items contained and result in an untidy look. Even things away from the workstation should be neat and orderly and present an attractive look to others which interface or pass by the working wall location.
In an era of reduced size workstations, be creative, take advantage of all your surroundings and "put a wall to work".

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