Reclaiming Harmony Using Feng Shui

Rclaiming the ancient path to harmony using Feng Shui. The art of Feng Shui (pronounced Fung shway) originated in China and has been practiced for 3000 years. Its ancient wisdom contends that a life force (ch'i) flow through all things. Accordingly, the proper balance of physical surroundings will allow a person to be in harmony with their environment and enjoy the maximum benefits of this balance. Without proper Feng Shui negative features would threaten the balance and harmony of the environment.
Feng Shui masters and practitioners are consulted in site selection in relation to its landscape, building architecture, orientation, design and floor planning,office interior design, colors and furnishings, and everything within them. It was also drawn upon in in ancient, medieval, and more modern times to determine when and where to build a city, community, or home.
All parts of the world have drawn upon this ancient Chinese art and in the past ten years it is being used in the United States. Its biggest detractors are the Chinese themselves as they tend to dismiss the art of Feng Shui as old wives tales. 
It emphasizes the right thing in the right place at the right time. Known as the art of conscious placement it recognizes that the state state of our surroundings are a mirror for the state of our minds.With everything in harmony one can better attract prosperity and success and experience more harmony with life. What if buildings and offices are not oriented in harmony? According to Feng Shui the negative affects that might result in such a situation can be rectified by placing Feng Shui items in strategic locations to improve the harmony of the site. Fein Shui, or not, it would certainly appear beneficial to ones business or individuals life if it is planned and operated with harmony in mind.
There is an American Feng Shui Institute, a Fein Shui Association and consultants of the art. For further information search Fein Shui on the web using any of the major search engines. 

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