Communications Has Gone To The Dogs

Lets start with an open plan office, our partitions are 5 feet 5 inches high (typical height for many office partitions)  and our office is divided into cubicle like workstations. So I want to communicate with my neighbor in the next cubicle or maybe , two, or five, or ten cubicles away. Instead of walking over to them, I take the easy way and simply stand up and peer over the top of my partition. Somehow by talking, or shouting, or waving my arms I get my neighbors attention, maybe I even phoned or emailed to make an initial contact.  As I now talk, or shout(depending on the distance and strength of my voice) what am I doing? What have I become? Well I’m now “Prairie Dogging”. So our new millennium communications have truly gone to the dogs. Handy open plan office definitions  should now include the following:
       Prairie Dog  A person who standing can see over the top of their partition and communicate from this position to other workstations
       Prairie Pup   A person too short to see over the top of their partitions.
       Sheep Dog    A person who not only can see over the top of the partition but can rest their arms over it and communicate to others


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