Product Benefits
Choose from the broadest line of premier office workplace organizing products to select the right organizing solution for each unique situation.

Organizers will help eliminate paperwork clutter and make the workplace neat and orderly.

Greater flexibility is provided to meet the specific user needs by employing this contemporary and complimentary “family” of products.

Organizers are of the highest quaility with attractive textured plastic and won’t scratch, chip, or dent.

Ease of use with fingertip accessibility, stepped, and sloped pockets for easy viewing of contents.

Facilitates individuals work tasks and saves time in locating paperwork, files, and work packages. This results in improved efficiency.

Improved efficiency can be translated into actual cost savings, for example, a person may save 15-30 minutes a day using proper organizers. This cost savings amounts to hundreds and thousands of dollars annually.

Desk top, workstation partition, wall, and in-drawer organizer models provide for the optimum use of the work area. Slim profiles, which take up less than 3 inches, and compact footprints of other models minimize work area used. This frees up more area for other uses.

Solidly constructed, yet lightweight, virtually indestructible for lifetime use. Has the ruggedness of metal, with greatly reduced weight. Has the solidness of high quality plastic as compared to flimsy, easily crackable plastic of others.

Lightweight keeps the shipping costs at a minimum.

All organizers carry a lifetime guarantee.

Helps reduce workplace stress by facilitating the individual to become more organized and maintain an efficient operation.

With the proper application you can eliminate clutter, eliminate piles of on going projects, to maximize desk space and make you feel more organized. A good start to long term organizational efficiency, job effectiveness, and stress reduction.


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